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Today I would like to tell you a bit more about my life and what I'm passioned about. I live with my husband and son ( 9 months old ) in Ede, The Netherlands. We live in a old house that needs to be renovated, a big and fun project. I've set up a few random questions witch hopefully give you a glimpse into my life.

My home is?

We bought our house last June and are renovating the place completely. It's built in 1946 after it was bombed in the Second World War. We love al the old characteristic features. For us it's a place where people feel at ease. Where family and friends are able to visit when they like to and where we can enjoy each other’s company, a good glass of wine or food. It's filled with candles and I love our fireplace. Where we laugh and enjoy our little family. It's cozy with a lot of white ( all walls actually ), we have a dark wooden floor and it's simplistic. Most of the time it's a bit messy, I'm not the best cleaner! It still needs a lot of work and love, witch makes it the perfect place for us.

What did you study?

I studied Tourism and Photography design. It's always been my dream to combine traveling with my job. 

Your life quote?

'To wander is to be alive' - Roman Payne - this quote means the world to me. I truly believe this! 


White, black, dark green, dark red and grey in winter. In summer this is more white and pastel. I don't really like blue tones haha but bleu sky's make me happy.

What countries did you travel to? And what's your favorite?

Belgium, Germany, England, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cuba, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zeeland, Egypt, South Africa and Morocco.

My favorites are Costa Rica, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Such great memories.

Bucket-list; West America, Iceland and Morocco inland. I have a lot more adventures on my list but these countries I really like to travel to within two years.

Dog or a cat?

Dog lover.


Things people don't know about you.

I'm a morning person, sitting at a coffee place makes me super happy, I hate it when I need to go out of bed in the middle of the night. Candles are my thing. I want to live in Australia or Costa Rica. I'm afraid of commitments longer than one year, I like to be free. 

I dream almost every night ( about funny things, like living in a tree or going on a family trip on a island ). I love books, but almost never read one. I try to have more relax time but it feels like I'm running trough life the past two years. One of my dreams is to capture a wedding in Morocco. I look organized hihi, I'm not. I'm always tens the day before a wedding. I'm a real softy, my favorite movie is Peter Pan and Notting Hill.  

Snooze or directly out of bed?


Witch country would you immigrate to?

Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa or Costa Rica. ( they are all paradise to me )

What movie did you like when you where a child?

Jumanji and Peter Pan <3. 

Coffee or tea?

Coffee and tea when I'm sick.

What makes you really happy?

People that enjoy what they are doing, are passionate about there life’s and inspire others. My family. Little things like reading a magazine, drinking coffee, Sunday mornings. Beautiful designs, walking trough a city or hiking. My work when the couple is super sweet and their style is exactly like mine. Daydreaming. 

What animal would you be?

I think something huggable, Panda Beer, but a faster version of the real one.  ( love black and white, feeling a beer sometimes ).

What's the most memorable wedding you ever captured? 

There are a few actually and they are manly abroad. Loved shooting a wedding in Sweden, Norway and Australia. The excitement and different culture. The inspiring surroundings. Still would love to capture a wedding in the mountains and Morocco. 

This year;

I want to be a better mom and wife. Work harder to achieve my goals. Shoot more fashion editorials for different brands. Work analog and digital. Travel more and meet more people. Get inspired by different places. Be myself! Relax more. Help others. Be real and happy. Oh I could go on and on....

Friends say this about me;

Real, honest, sweet, reliable, sincere, stylish, structured, warm, beautiful person and inner peace. Professional, creative, entrepeneur and traveler.



Yaël and Hugo | Italy


About one and a half year ago Yael called me with the big news that Hugo asked her to married her. I was so excited for them! I know Hugo and Yael because they are videographers in the wedding industry and we worked together several times. So I was extremely honored that they asked me to capture their special day. Bella Italia here I come! The surrounding was amazing, so much to see and beautiful views. When I arrived at their venue Borgbetto Poggio Biano on Saturday morning everybody was already busy with decorating and getting ready. They had a big breakfast with all their guests and had a pool party the day before. It truly felt like a holiday with a big group of friends. All the details where so delicate and well chosen, it matched perfectly and looked breathtaking. Well you just need to see this for yourself. This is to me how an intimate wedding should be. So many laughters, tears of joy, the perfect location, sun and good food. It was a true bliss to be part of this wedding. Yael and Hugo are amazing people, their story is so pure and real. Thank you for this opportunity and the fact that you guys trusted me to document one of the most memorable days of your lives. Yael and Hugo, lets drink some Italian wine soon <3. Don't forget to watch the magical video Maru films made!


The story of Yael and Hugo

We met 10 years a go in high school. Hugo was 16 and I was one year older. So I guess you could say - very cliche -  that we’re high school sweethearts… It started as a friendship but soon that friendship grew into much, much more. We connected on music. On films. On humor. After a short while we became inseparable. We moved from Haarlem to Zwolle together to study journalism. During our time in Zwolle we started our own wedding film company, The Dreamers, for which we now both work full-time. We’re together almost 24/7 and people often ask us how we can make this work. We don’t know the answer to that question - I think we are just meant to do this. Together. And I think that’s what makes us us. When Hugo proposed I think I booked Amanda that same day. I have been a fan of her work from the moment we first met at a wedding we did together, and I just knew I had to have her as our photographer. Getting married in Italy was the best decision we could have made. For one, it allowed us to have an experience with our closest family and friends that would last longer than just a few hours. It was hard to narrow down the guest list, but we ended up with a wonderful group of people that really connected too. And, with the both of us being foodies, it allowed us to enjoy huge amounts of homemade, amazing food (!). My first dress fitting appointment was a true disaster. I didn’t feel welcome and the people weren’t very nice to me… So I decided to call a friend of a friend who is a designer. And we designed my dress together. Lilli is truly amazing and she really made my dream dress - simple, elegant, perfect.

Photographer: Amanda Drost | Second shooter: Raisa Zwart | Videographer: Maru Films | Dress: Lilli Turner | Suit: Oger - Corneliani | Weddingplanner: Alessandra Marcheti from destination wedding Italy | Additional styling: Te Leuk Trouwen | Flowers: Iaiaflorevents | Venue: Borghetto Poggio Bianco | Catering: Agriteca in Piazza


Lennert + Evelien


This is the story of Lennert and Evelien. They got married one year ago and they had one of those unique wedding days with rain, a lot of rain. It made their wedding cosy, intimate and wonderful. The only downside was that they couldn't go out for a photoshoot. One year later they decided to mail me and asked me to capture their love for each other. They looked stunning and it was so much fun! We laughed and chatted so much that we almost lost track of time. This is exactly what I love doing, connecting with people, having a great time and deliver images that I'm proud of. There is nothing better than being trusted by clients. Thanks Evelien and Lennert, you guys rocked it! 


Chantal + Samuel


Meet Chantal and Samuel, two people that are crazy in love. Just four weeks ago they sad 'yes' to each other. They asked me to capture a small part of their wedding day, lucky me! Sometimes you meet people where you have an instant connection with. I met Chantal and Samuel two years ago when I photographed them as a personal creativity project. I wanted to learn more about film photography and asked them to be my models. And this time we visited the Hortus Amsterdam, I love plants and places like this. The whole shoot felt so relaxed and I enjoyed every minute. At the end I got the biggest hug I've ever had from a client. It all felt so right. Samuel and Chantal your are so special. Hope to see you soon <3.


Jaimy + Niels

Afgelopen zomer heb ik dit lieve stel mogen fotograferen. Niels en Jaimy zijn echt een ontzettend leuk! Ze haalde me thuis op en samen reden we naar Zandvoort om in de duinen foto's te maken. Oh my deze twee zijn zo gek op elkaar! Heerlijk om te zien hoeveel passie, liefde en plezier deze twee hebben. Ze trouwen dit jaar in Italië en ik kan niet wachten om hun dag van de liefde vast te leggen! Het duurde even voor ik jullie de beelden kon laten zien omdat ze ook gebruikt werden voor de safe the date kaart. Zongebruinde huid, jurkjes, strand en cocktails. Laat de zon maar schijnen! 


" Summer we are so ready for you " 

wedding Emmy + Arjan in Italy


Dear Emmy and Arjan got married at Villa Sermolli in Tuscany. A dreamy location with an amazing view. About a year ago I captured the wedding of her brother in France and when Arjan asked Emmy to merry her she contacted me to share in their happiness. I was honored to be asked to capture their lovestory in the heart of Tuscany. They are such sweet and beautiful people, it reminds me that I'm really blessed to be able to be a part such a special day. To tell their story, captured trough my eyes. Arjan and his friends started the day with a guys hot tub moment, beers and laughter. It's definitely so cool to spend some time with friends before the wedding starts. Emmy was also getting ready with her sisters and mother. A precious moment with such sweet words, big hugs and tears. The first look was relaxed and beautiful, we walked alround the village a bit to take some photo's. The ceremony took place on the terras of Villa Sermolli overlooking a stunning valley of olive trees. Emmy and Arjan had prepared vows for each other and it was such an heart warming moment. I sometimes have tears in my eyes and hide behind my camera so no one can see me. And 'yes' this was one of those moments. Their family spoke such sweet words and gave the ceremony an beautiful personal feel to it. After the ceremony everyone was so happy and hugged each other. Time for champagne and the Tuscan sun. We did a little photo session just before dinner with the most amazing light. Their dinner was between the palm trees with little lights and candles. Being a witness of this gorgeous day was such a privilege. And I can honestly say that destination weddings are my favorite <3.


“This is where it all begins. Everything starts here, today.” 

David Nicholls -

Password: toscane

Family portraits at Cape du Ferrat, France!


Rene and Danielle decided to renew their vows in France, at a mesmerizing location called Cape du Ferrat. Traveling together with family and friend to celebrate their love for each other. The day before their wedding we walked around to make a few family portraits. There two sons enjoyed it so much, climbing on rocks and hugging their parents. These photo's made me smile, having such a beautiful family is so precious. Danielle and Rene, you have two beautiful boys, just loved spending time with you!


Our little family


A while back I blogged about our new adventure called 'starting a little family'. It's already three months ago that Nolan Eli was born and he is doing so well. He's a tall little fellow with bright blue eyes and the cutest laugh. I have to admit that I was a bit scared to start this new face in life, but up to now its been amazing. Off course you need to make some sacrifices but it's not as much as I thought it would be. We are very lucky that Nolan is a sweet little one that doesn't really cry and just wants to be with you and cuddle. A few weeks ago I captured a beautiful wedding in Italy and we decided to make it our very first family holiday. We stayed at a stunning farm called Podere Marciano, definitely the perfect spot to relax and see Tuscany's beauty. Being a photographer always puts a bit of pressure on me when it comes to holiday photographs haha. So here are a few pictures of us, top left images is taken by my sweet father. And yes I did a portrait session with my parents too! Will blog them next week! Have a wonderful day. Xx.


Odylyne editorial


When you get asked to shoot an editorial with two gorgeous models. dreamy dresses and stunning headpieces you just have to say yes. Extremely happy with the result of this collaboration between Odylyne the Ceremony, Naturae Design, Floor Berghoeffs make up, Wild at heart Bridal and Blond en Blauw. The models did such a briljant job! Capturing editorials like these make my heart sing. Brows trough the dreamy world of bridal fashion combined with elegant pieces of Naturae Design. 


' Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. '

- Coco Chanel -

Headpieces by Naturae design | Make up artist Floor Berghoeffs | Dresses by Odylyne the Ceremony | Bridal shop Wild at Heart Bridal | Videography Blond en Blauw | Photography Amanda Drost


Elopement South Africa Rudolf & Leontien

It's already a few months ago when we visited dear friends and looked at wildlife in South Africa. I can honestly say that I miss this beautiful country and all it's gorgeous nature. Our friends Rudolf and Leontien asked us to be part of their elopement in South Africa and we where over the moon to be their witnesses. Being a part of their special day, so intimate and filled with love was so extremely precious.

Publication on White Magazine

I'm always excited when I'm able to work with an creative team and photograph a bridal fashion editorial. This beauty was taken in a cactus garden near the German border. A unique style with hairpieces from Naturae design, flowers from Puravie and beautiful gowns from Elizabeth Stuart Bridal. This editorial is a combination of soft light, cactus green and two fabulous models. More fashion style with lots of details. I'm honored to be featured on White Magazine, one of my favorite Australian bridal lifestyle blogs. These images will also be used for the promotion of Naturae Design. You can find the publication here

Fashion Editorial Chrissie part three

What can I say, the last beautiful part of the Chrissie editorial I photographed in South Africa. This time it is a white simplistic dress. She is a true model and I would definitely recommend all the photographers out there to do a photoshoot during your holiday. Just to inspire you. In the future I would like to combine my passions; fashion editorials, traveling and weddings. .

Dream wedding of Asuman and Daniël

My heart warms when I see these two beautiful people. Their wedding was beyond perfection, the details, style and warmth of their love for each other moved me. I smile when I think of all the fun we had and how special it was to be a part of it. Asuman and Daniël celebrated their wedding with family and friends at the beautiful venue Te Werve. A day filled with love, smiles, tears and lots of hugs. I was lucky enough to capture all of it and still am in awe of what the results are. Asuman and Daniël started their wedding day in a stunning hotel La Paulowna where I could capture all the details and getting ready. I would strongly recommend brides and grooms to be to do the same, it makes your images look so good! It should reflect your style throughout the whole day. Enjoy this eye candy <3. Asuman and Daniël you are the kindest and warm people and I was privileged to capture your wedding day. Thanks you!

Names: Asuman & Daniël | Wedding venue: Landgoed te Werve | Film lab: Carmencita film lab | Film used: Fuji400 H | Camera: Mamiya 645AF | Camera digital: Canon 5D Mark III | Photography: Amanda Drost Photography | Shoes: L.K. Bennett | Jurk: Cymbeline | Veil: BHLDN | Vows books: BHLDN | Golden hanger: BHLDN | Hairpiece: SIBO Design | Make up and hair: Mifa's Studio | Suite: Ettemadis | Ring bride: Bijenkorf | Ring groom: Marcel Vermeulen | Car: Nissan Figaro Snapp Car | Hotel: La Paulowna

Wedding dresses Editorial

Just a few months ago I was asked to capture the new collection of Unielle Couture. I photographed this edorial in the heart of Amsterdam. The models where briljant and the light perfect. Time to show you a few of the images I took. Working with models is one of my passion, it challenges me to be creative. Looking trough a different lens and make the images look elegant and timeless with a high fashion look and feel. 

Exciting changes ahead

Only three more weeks to go! Exciting times, new adventures ahead and lots to learn. So curious what our little boy looks like and what it is to be a mom and dad. I'm a photography and travel addict, so we decided that even tho we are having a little one, we will make time for each other and our passions. On thing is for sure it will be one hake of an adventure that we wouldn't wanna miss!

Photo by Suegraphy

Fine art print shop | New images available

So excited to show you a few of my new South Africa fine art prints that I aded to my 'shop'. About three months ago I started my own shop with unique fine art prints. It all starten with one singel images that I took of our trip to Italy last year. I decided to order a fine art print and hang it in my home office. My husband designed a unique black frame, that's when I fell in love with the concept and idea to start a fine art shop. All the images in the shop are created with my Mamiya 645 and are developed by Carmencita Film Lab and printed on hahnemühle fine art 305 gram paper. I'm hoping people would love to have a print in their home. To decorate or as a memorable moment.

If you have any questions about the prints or sizes please feel free to mail me. I'm passioned about traveling and shooting film, can't live without my lonely planet and film camera. I'm definitely going to document more beautiful adventures along the way.

Xx! Amanda |

Winter couple shoot

This couple stole my heart, they where so into each other and really wanted to create beautiful timeless images. Every time I'm out photographing couples I'm so excited. I love the fact that I don't need to rush, that we can choose the best time to photograph and use the best light available. I would recommend every couple to do a shoot like this, to capture that memorie, that moment in time. 

Editorial Chrissie part two

Part two of the Chrissie editorial I shot in South Africa at Llundando beach Cape Town. The first image is one of my favorites. Her look and calm eyes draw me in. Carin did the styling for the complete shoot and she did a briljant job. The head, color of the dress, it all comes together in these images. I'm in love with photographing editorials, fashion and details. If you're a business in need of lifestyle images, I'm all in! Just send me in email with all the details and I will get back to you asap.

Coordination: Carin Stephan | Make-Up: Martie Olivier Make-Up Artist & Hairstylist | Nails: Willa Strydom From Derma HEALTH