Question Tag; Amanda Drost


Today I would like to tell you a bit more about my life and what I'm passioned about. I live with my husband and son ( 9 months old ) in Ede, The Netherlands. We live in a old house that needs to be renovated, a big and fun project. I've set up a few random questions witch hopefully give you a glimpse into my life.

My home is?

We bought our house last June and are renovating the place completely. It's built in 1946 after it was bombed in the Second World War. We love al the old characteristic features. For us it's a place where people feel at ease. Where family and friends are able to visit when they like to and where we can enjoy each other’s company, a good glass of wine or food. It's filled with candles and I love our fireplace. Where we laugh and enjoy our little family. It's cozy with a lot of white ( all walls actually ), we have a dark wooden floor and it's simplistic. Most of the time it's a bit messy, I'm not the best cleaner! It still needs a lot of work and love, witch makes it the perfect place for us.

What did you study?

I studied Tourism and Photography design. It's always been my dream to combine traveling with my job. 

Your life quote?

'To wander is to be alive' - Roman Payne - this quote means the world to me. I truly believe this! 


White, black, dark green, dark red and grey in winter. In summer this is more white and pastel. I don't really like blue tones haha but bleu sky's make me happy.

What countries did you travel to? And what's your favorite?

Belgium, Germany, England, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cuba, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zeeland, Egypt, South Africa and Morocco.

My favorites are Costa Rica, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Such great memories.

Bucket-list; West America, Iceland and Morocco inland. I have a lot more adventures on my list but these countries I really like to travel to within two years.

Dog or a cat?

Dog lover.


Things people don't know about you.

I'm a morning person, sitting at a coffee place makes me super happy, I hate it when I need to go out of bed in the middle of the night. Candles are my thing. I want to live in Australia or Costa Rica. I'm afraid of commitments longer than one year, I like to be free. 

I dream almost every night ( about funny things, like living in a tree or going on a family trip on a island ). I love books, but almost never read one. I try to have more relax time but it feels like I'm running trough life the past two years. One of my dreams is to capture a wedding in Morocco. I look organized hihi, I'm not. I'm always tens the day before a wedding. I'm a real softy, my favorite movie is Peter Pan and Notting Hill.  

Snooze or directly out of bed?


Witch country would you immigrate to?

Australia, New Zeeland, South Africa or Costa Rica. ( they are all paradise to me )

What movie did you like when you where a child?

Jumanji and Peter Pan <3. 

Coffee or tea?

Coffee and tea when I'm sick.

What makes you really happy?

People that enjoy what they are doing, are passionate about there life’s and inspire others. My family. Little things like reading a magazine, drinking coffee, Sunday mornings. Beautiful designs, walking trough a city or hiking. My work when the couple is super sweet and their style is exactly like mine. Daydreaming. 

What animal would you be?

I think something huggable, Panda Beer, but a faster version of the real one.  ( love black and white, feeling a beer sometimes ).

What's the most memorable wedding you ever captured? 

There are a few actually and they are manly abroad. Loved shooting a wedding in Sweden, Norway and Australia. The excitement and different culture. The inspiring surroundings. Still would love to capture a wedding in the mountains and Morocco. 

This year;

I want to be a better mom and wife. Work harder to achieve my goals. Shoot more fashion editorials for different brands. Work analog and digital. Travel more and meet more people. Get inspired by different places. Be myself! Relax more. Help others. Be real and happy. Oh I could go on and on....

Friends say this about me;

Real, honest, sweet, reliable, sincere, stylish, structured, warm, beautiful person and inner peace. Professional, creative, entrepeneur and traveler.