Get more work done in less time

I realize that I'm extremely busy with my photography business. Being a entrepreneurs is the best decision I ever made. But what i'm slowly realizing is that I'm working harder than I ever did before. We are constant busy with social media, entrepreneurship, being a good friend, wife and I'm soon to be mum.

Do you recognize any of this?

It's time for me to make a big change. My work is my passion and therefore it is the best job ever. But the question remains, how can we be an successful entrepreneur and still have time for our family and friends. I know that I'm not the only photographer that wants to unplug every now and than. Being 'busy' is our keyword. For me it meanly that I have so many impulses around me and didn't had control over my schedule and work pressure. So for all the other photographers out there. Here are some tips that helped me get more things done in less time. Because that's what it's all about. Being efficient and use the right tools to do this.


I read this artikel and it gave me new insights. Here are a few pointers that made me change my way of working.

#save time by making a schedules

Parkingsons's Law states that ' tasks will expand to the time that you allow them to'

You can do more when you pressure yourself to do the work in 2 hours instead of not having a time schedule. A big part of your time is lost because of wondering around being on auto pilot. Not being efficient. The perfect tool for this is TOGGL. This app allows you to record your daily activities. 

# Focus

Stop being on auto pilot! A lot of the time we are on auto pilot. Doing things without considering if this is a task that needs to be done. Prioritize! Also remember that you can't multitask. It's a lie if you think you can. So work on one taks at a time. Focus. 


We all do it, grabbing our phone to quickly check our e-mail or social media. Instead of being in the moment having quality time with friends or family we constantly want to be on top of things. Unplug! Turn your phone off. It gives you peace, not being stimulated by new messages. They can wait till you're working again! It gives you peace of mind and it helps you to really have time off. Otherwise you have the feeling that you are working 24 hours a day.