For photographers 'be a bit bold'


Be bold! As a photographer I always search for ways to push myself. I'm a traveler and adventurer, I always try to do a photoshoot in every country I visit. It just gives me wings to shoot at new stunning locations and meet other creatives. For example I shot a wedding in Australia, multiple in South Africa, did a shoot in Cuba and because of that I booked my own european weddings. I never charge couples that I capture when I travel, it should be fun and a learning proces. To push yourself and meet new people. It is one of the most rewarding things ever! I'm super honored to be able to travel and have already seen so much of the world. If you are traveling ask different photographers in that country if you could help them out at a wedding or couple shoot. It is so worth your search and it helps you to create an even better portfolio. Clients need to see that you're willing to travel and go that extra mile. Share your travel images on your blog and talk about what you love.

'My passion is telling stories trough images and exploring the most beautiful places of the world. When I'm able to combine those two I'm in heaven!'