Personal note ' to travel is to live '


Hello! During my holiday in South Africa I had so much time on my hands that I started thinking. Traveling gives me inspiration and new ideas. The hard part is converting those ideas into action. So this is part one, writing about my life and what inspires me as a photographer and entrepreneur. I'm in a small cafe writing this and always love working outside of my cosy home office. Maybe it's because of the smell of fresh coffee, the city buzz and people around me. But let's cut to the chase, for this first post I just want to tell you a bit about me. My name is Amanda and I'm thirty years old, I live with my husband in Ede, The Netherlands. We love to explore and see different parts of the world. Meeting new people and making friends. Our apartment is cosy and completely white, with lots of plants. I love green, I definitely want my own greenhouse! We got married in 2013 and are still madly in love, I secretly think more than ever. One day I hope to have a cute dog named 'Beer'. I enjoy being an entrepreneur because it gives me freedom and let's me be who I truly am. My favorite movie is Notting Hill, has been for years. When I'm in a city I alway's feel alive, my friends mean the world to me and without them I think I would feel extremely lonely. I'm in a happy place when I'm at a little market or cute coffee shop. Here comes the big news....

We are at an exciting time of our lifes because we are having a little baby. It's all so extremely beautiful and at the same time quite scary. I'm a huge wanderer, I can't imagine my life without traveling and meeting new people. Getting excited when you find a cool coffee spot in a different country, standing on a cliff with an extremely beautiful view, or the smell of herbs at a local market. I know this part won't be over when we have a little one, but still. It's exciting but also a bit scary. A hole new adventure ahead of us! I'm looking forward to see this little baby boy, because he is already so active. We are debating about a fun name, so if you have any suggestions.. let us know! Next week I will post some of our favorite travel pics. Can't wait to see them, my film rolls are now safely at Carmencita Film Lab headquarters. Oh patience...the hardes part of shooting film.  

Xx! Amanda